Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client and a system which identifies perceived obstacles, generates solutions, sets objectives and implements action based on personal accountability. The process is confidential, client goal centred and growth oriented and uses a systematic methodology.

Coaching offers a unique learning environment to clients on their personal effectiveness and development. Working through a self awareness programme, sessions are individually tailored from different modules including: goal setting, communication, feedback, conflict management, decision making, leadership, performance management and career development. Coaching will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a client by enabling the individual to develop their personal effectiveness and achieve more than they would working alone.

Coaching will enhance an existing performance management system, create a support system for developing skills and proficiencies. It is used to support high potential staff and foster better working relationships.

Coaching is tailored to the individual’s own development needs in a confidential environment where it focuses on building on existing skills and abilities. It is convenient and cost effective where the Coach will fit in with the client’s work schedule.

The Coaching process begins with an exploratory meeting to agree the scope of the process for the individual. Follow-on Coaching Sessions, usually bi-monthly, are carried out to support personal effectiveness and development through identifying obstacles, generating solutions, setting objectives and implementing action plans based on personal accountability.

Conflict Coaching

Where individuals or teams require assistance to refocus and work through disputes or conflicts, Coaching is very effective in improving the performance culture within the workplace.

Conflict coaching is a one to one process for facilitating individuals to create awareness and understanding of their attitude and reaction towards conflict, and to develop skills to manage conflict and disputes more effectively.


Career Coaching

Career coaching is used both as a developmental tool or as part of a rationalisation programme.  In many organisations the opportunity and frequency for career progression may not be sufficient to motivate and retain staff.  Personal development provided for staff will enhance motivation in an environment where flexibility and mobility between roles is essential.  Professional assessment will enable individuals to make informed choices on their personal and career development.  This will help in reducing staff turnover and foster a culture of growth and development in the organisation.

Using a combination of psychometric tests and practical exercises, staff are facilitated through a programme that explores all aspects of their work and life.   The process includes:-

  • Career Analysis & Transitions
  • Motivation & Self Awareness
  • Option Assessment
  • Action Planning

On completion of the process the individual is more self aware, understands their strengths, motivations and blind spots and as a result can contribute more to the organisation.

As part of a rationalisation programme individuals can avail of a format that assess their skills, work interests, personality that prepares them for making more focused career choices.   This programme is accompanied by CV and interview preparation.


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