The Enneagram at Work


The Enneagram at Work

The Enneagram Personality Model is a unique self management tool that can bring about profound improvement in interpersonal effectiveness and personal development. It is a powerful and dynamic psychological system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Through a series of exercises and team activities on different workplace situations we will demonstrate the strength and depth of the Enneagram in every day work situations. Individuals and teams will gain a greater understanding of their motivation and corresponding behaviours, learn compensating and development practices for each style.

Training workshops cover the essential aspects of the Enneagram Personality Model. Additional training covers tailored follow-up sessions selected from the Enneagram at Work Application Modules which build on self understanding and application in different work scenarios. These sessions involve both individual and group work and include feedback and coaching.

Quigley & Associates are fully trained and accredited to deliver team and individual programmes using the Enneagram personality model.

Application Modules

Each module covers a distinct area of interaction within the work place including:-

  • Stress Management
    Examine the cause and symptoms of stress, together with behaviours and practices to reduce stress for each style.
  • Conflict
    Discover what irritates different styles and how knowledge of them helps reduce conflict and tension.
  • Communication & Feedback
    Look at how our style distorts messages both sent and received. Using the Feedback formula, examine how our feedback is received and how we can adjust our style to have greater impact on the receiver.
  • Personal Development
    Now that I know my style, how can I change? Look at activities for each style to guide participants towards noticing habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • Team Building
    Working with dedicated teams, examine goals, interdependence, roles and stages of team development that guide teams to become more focused and effective.
  • Leadership
    Look at the nine Leadership styles as described by the Enneagram model together with practices and development for each style.
  • Change Management
    Bring a common understanding to the organisation by using the Enneagram as a process of transformation for both individuals and teams.
  • Performance Management
    Working with individuals and/or teams, issues and corresponding development practices are identified to improve effectiveness. Facilitating a high performance culture by focusing on goals, performance, feedback and development.
  • Executive Coaching
    Using the Enneagram model, carrying out individual Coaching sessions to support personal effectiveness and development through identifying obstacles, generating solutions, setting objectives and implementing action plans based on personal accountability.

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